The Wedding Reception
A poem by Kaitlyn Leck

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We all sat down, expecting food,
But the music starts and changes moods.
The lovely new couple gets up and strolls
Toward the dance floor free of holes.

First, the music is fast and upbeat.
They swing so smoothly on their feet.
They dance alone to one more song
That’s slower, steadier, and is quite long.

The slowest song they’ll have that night
Invites everyone to join in with dimming lights.
People get up from their seats to find a partner.
For me to find one gets harder and harder.

The chatters and conversations began to wane
As they began to dance slow and sane.
But I stood, in a gloom mood, waiting some
More time for my prince to come.

I look around, throughout the room,
Past the bride and past the groom.
And standing there, far away,
Is a groomsman as bright as day.

He starts to walk over, confidently,
To where I am. He comes to me.
He stretches out his hand and romantically,
He asks, “May I have this dance, my lady?”

I feel very awkward, but I just can’t say no.
So I say, “Um, ok.” And off we go.
He held my hand the entire way there.
I noticed, but I tried not to care.

When we stepped up onto the floor,
I quickly looked for the closest door.
I felt apprehensive when he put his hand in mine
Then he placed his other hand on my side.

I looked up into his cheerful eyes.
I blush, look down, and almost cry
He starts to dance and takes the lead.
I lift my head up and proceed.

We start to Waltz at a steady pace.
I calm down and glance up at his face.
He smiles dearly, I smile too
As we smoothly, swiftly move.

When the music stops, we break apart.
I feel this feeling in my heart.
We walk away, smiling, to our seats
To get ready for some good eats.

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