Just an update on my art. ^^

Pretty much jumbled up, cause I don't have the time to put them in the order, but I did put my newest ones on the top 4 rows. XD
So, I've made a lot of original characters..... yeah....
There are some Photoshop pics in there too. I finally found our how to get them on the internet. XD (change the file type...)
A lot drawn in only 5 months... :P

See ya'll later. ^^

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Sup peeps.
Anyway. I was bored so. Yeah.

Moriah might just be owner again.
I'm thinking of having my own website.
But we will still share website. :)

For now, here are some new pictures made by Kate (From new to old):
I'm gonna post all the pics that are new than the last post. So there's quite a lot.
There's a little bit of a gap in there because I didn't put the pictures in my computer yet.

Time For School Again!

We are so excited! Me and Moriah are going to High School! I'm going tomorrow (Sept. 4) and Moriah's going on Friday, the 7th.

As a Back To School Special, we'll show you some of our most recent manga and art!

Moriah's Art:

Kate's Manga and Fan Art:


1 Year of Manga Special:
Brand New Manga made by Kate

Since my last post on Manga, I've gotten much better! Here are some new pictures (not yet on Manga and Graffiti page). They are in order from newest to oldest!

I would have had more, but I can't put any Photoshop pictures on here. And don't worry there's more to come. Plus there are ones that were drawn before these on the Manga and Graffiti page.
Special thanks to Mark Crilley, Manga university, Sophiechan90, and Misskerriej for all their wonderful art, tutorials, and inspiration.
                                                            HEY!! It's Kate!

                See our last post for a very special announcement about the site.

Just last night, we updated the site. We hadn't done it since like December or something! Now we have this blog, a comic on the Manga and Graffiti page, and a How to Draw Manga page for all you wanna-be-manga-stars out there (sorry, but we still need to work on this page). We also have a new setup on the Manga and Graffiti page for showing our art and a comment bar on the Manga and Graffiti page (please comment!), but we didn't have too much time to put all our pictures back on.
                                              Enjoy our new updated site!

Plus: I'm working on a page to put some of my pieces of writing on! SHH! It's a secret. :-D

Below are some new pics!! Click on READ MORE!