This is like one of my favorite songs!! I can't stop listening to it! :D
I already have this song on my page "Kate's Page".

Check out Manga and Graffiti page!
                                                            HEY!! It's Kate!

                See our last post for a very special announcement about the site.

Just last night, we updated the site. We hadn't done it since like December or something! Now we have this blog, a comic on the Manga and Graffiti page, and a How to Draw Manga page for all you wanna-be-manga-stars out there (sorry, but we still need to work on this page). We also have a new setup on the Manga and Graffiti page for showing our art and a comment bar on the Manga and Graffiti page (please comment!), but we didn't have too much time to put all our pictures back on.
                                              Enjoy our new updated site!

Plus: I'm working on a page to put some of my pieces of writing on! SHH! It's a secret. :-D

Below are some new pics!! Click on READ MORE!

As of March 4th, 2012, Kate has officially been notified as co-owner of the web site Mo Money along with Moriah Wilson. The founder Moriah Wilson has agreed to share this website with her best friend Kaitlyn. The Website's name(well really on the top of the page) will now be  Mo Money and Kate. Not too big of a change, is it? The website address will remain     Most references will be towards both Kaitlyn and Moriah.       Examples: we, our, they. In a sentence: "Check out our page: Manga and Graffiti."

P.S. Check out Kate's Page!!