The Original "Falling In Love"
by Kaitlyn Leck

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Completely Unchanged
(except for some spelling and grammar)

    Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had the pursuit to have an adventure. She was sullen that her parents wouldn’t let her leave the castle. But she had a plan to get out.
    Late that night, she got some rope from the armory. When she went to bed, she laid it under her pillow. After the guard checked on her, she stuffed her pillows in her sheet, got the rope, and snuck into the next room through a secret passage way. She quietly climbed down the rope. I have to get to the edge of the land before dawn, she thought. They will look for me by then. I have to get to the next kingdom. Our neighboring kingdom to the west sounds fine.
When she got of the rope, she pulled it down and tucked it in a bush. She pulled up her cloak’s hood over her beautiful, long, blonde hair. Tucking a curl back in, she made her way towards the village. When she got there, she called a carriage. Behind her was the castle, a tall stone figure. Streamers of the finest silk draped over all the trees in preparation for the ball three weeks from now. Hours later and Princess Mary looked back one more time. As the sun rose, the castle’s shadow silhouetted over the green pasture besides it.
“Why are thou going to Stadonia? As if Kistonya isn’t fine and fair enough for thou,” said the driver.
    “Thy need an adventure,” replied Mary.
    “What kind of adventure, my lady?”
    “Thy think I will find out.”
    “Well then. We be in Stadonia in a few hours.”
    Mary fell into a deep sleep gazing into the sun as it rolled along the country side.

    She woke up to the mingled smell of pig roast, corn, and turkey legs. She vaguely remembered where she was. The she realized how upset her parents might be. The carriage stopped.
    “Thy took thou to town square. The annual Town Feast is being held,” the driver said.
    “Thank thou,” Mary replied. She handed him 2 gold coins.
    “Gold, my lady? Gold!”
    Mary nodded
    “Thy only ask one silver coin.”
    Mary didn’t have time to waste; she had an adventure in store. She walked down the street. She looked back. The driver had a huge smile on his face. He got in the carriage, whipped the range and veered off towards Kistonya.
    Mary sheepishly wandered the streets of Stadonia. She bought a cob of corn. At the stand there was a young boy cranking a gear that caused the corn to pivot on a stick, a good way to get customers.
    Dusk came and Mary walked up stairs to the roof of a 5 story Inn. She leaned against the ledge. What an adventure. Yeah right! This might not be as easy as I thought, she thought. She took off her cloak and placed it on the ground. She was combing her fingers through her hair when she heard a stick snap behind her. She turned around. Nobody. Now she was alert. Hopefully the news of a missing princess hasn’t spread that far, she thought.
    Suddenly, an assassin vaulted out of the shadows. Quickly, Mary kicked her foot up in an attempt to smack that man right off the ledge, but he was too quick. As he got out his knife, Mary fell backwards off the ledge, just as he was about to cut her. The rip of her dress was the sound of his failure. It felt like the fall took forever. Mary knew she was going to die.
    Her life flashed before her eyes. She heard the clopping of a horses hooves against the
hard rock. Just as she thought it was the end, she fell into the arms of somebody. She looked up at her hero, eyes wide open. This isn’t just anybody, it was a prince. Well he looked like a prince to her.
    Just as the last light went out in the streets, she fainted with exhaustion….

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