My Love of Writing
A short biography of Kaitlyn Leck,
summarizing one of her many talents

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    Ever since I was little, I’ve written stories. Some of them were never finished. I even attempted to write a chapter book. I was 10, so it was really more of a children’s book style chapter book. I titled it “A Tail Tale”. I still have it, written and partially typed. But as I got a little older, I tentatively worked on bits of it, but my interest in it diminished.
    Now, despite my previous effort, I have decided to write another chapter book and actually complete it. It was initially an English assignment(it was already turned in, but I got it back). You may know it as ‘”Falling’ In Love”. I am taking my original copy and expanding and adding. I will include more details and I have given myself a prohibition to use any “little kid words” because I am older now and should be using more mature words that are integral to the way the story will be perceived.

    I am also working on a short story called “The Key”. As a mystery, it requires that I put a lot of feeling into it. And the vocabulary must be advanced.

    Abruptly, I can’t see where my inspiration came from. I guess it is one way I am expressing my exhilarating imagination. As I write, I can feel my exempted thoughts convey to the paper.

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